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Bintel Open Box

Open Box Skywatcher 707AZ2

Open Box Skywatcher 707AZ2

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Ex Display Telescope 

 Level Of Difficulty-BEGINNER

  • Perfect for beginners
  • Highly affordable
  • 36% More Light Gathering capability than 60mm
  • Suitable for both astronomy & terrestrial use
  • Lightweight and easy to use
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Aperture : 70mm

Focal Length : 700mm

Focal Ratio : F/10


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Learning or interested in Astronomy? This Sky-Watcher 70/700 Refractor Telescope is a highly affordable telescope which allows beginners to take their first steps into the world of Astronomy. Several accessories are provided, this telescope is suitable for both astronomical and terrestrial observations. Unlike many other beginner telescopes on the market, this Sky-Watcher 60/700 comes with standard 1.25″ focuser allowing a broad range of eyepiece and accessories to be used for a better viewing experience.

Equipped with a user-friendly alt-azimuth AZ2 mount, this Sky-Watcher telescope can move in both horizontal and vertical axes. It is designed for viewing the Sun (Solar Filter REQUIRED), the moon and bright planets, and terrestrial observation during the day.

The Refractor Advantage 
Images viewed through a refractor telescope have a classic quality that other telescope designs lack. Since a refractor does not use mirrors to view objects, you get a generally sharper image. Images are also displayed without the secondary mirror shadow, making it suitable for terrestrial viewing when used with a 45° erecting image diagonal or an erecting tube.

Superb Imaging Qualities
This achromatic refractor from Sky-Watcher features an aperture of 70mm and it is fully multi-coated to enhance light transmission. It delivers clear, high contrast images of the moon and the planets. Those new to astronomy will appreciate how simple and easy this telescope is to use.